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Do you think we are friends? Before you roll your eyes, let me give the context. Sunday was Friendship Day. While the adolescents and teens were busy exchanging emojis, uploading insta stories, and doing whatever it is that cool youngsters do for their BFFs, I was counting the number of friends I have. It was quite a task!

Do colleagues (past and present), acquaintances (distant and close), relatives (kind and unkind), virtual ‘friends’ (valuable and not-so-valuable) count? After much deliberation, a friend and I came to the conclusion that there are all sorts of friendships. And that’s, perhaps, the beauty of it. No two friends are the same. Each bond is unique.

At Health Analytics Asia, we are working towards harnessing the power of collaboration. Imagine the possibilities when thought leaders, healthcare specialists, data scientists and journalists across Asia come together to build a vibrant community for change!

The journey of a thousand miles, as the saying goes, starts with a single step. So, doctors, data researchers and healthcare enthusiasts, here’s an opportunity to join our award-wining initiative to combat the ever-growing malice of medical misinformation and fake health news. Visit www.ha-asia.com to know more. Once you read our stories – some in words, others in numbers – we would appreciate your honest feedback. Bouquets, brickbats, constructive criticism, suggestions on collaboration…we welcome them all.

Until we meet again (and become friends), stay informed, stay healthy.

 Jisha Krishnan
Consulting Editor
Cover Story

How are India and China bridging the healthcare gap in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s ailing healthcare system is recovering, thanks to consistent foreign aid and support. India and China are the frontrunners in building healthcare facilities in the war-ravagedcountry.

News Story

10 powerful women in healthcare

Looking at 10 women who are revolutionising the healthcare scenario in India.


Face yoga: The secret to looking younger, without Botox

Decoding the non-surgical anti-ageing cult called face yoga. There’s science behind the art of making faces.


Digital health in Asia: What does the future hold?

With Asia Pacific Digital Health Market estimated to exceed USD 80.7 billion by 2025, it’s time we deliberate over the future of digital health in Asia.

Data Visualisation

What is the top cause of death in Asia?

The numbers tell a compelling story.

Fact Check

Do microwave ovens cause cancer?

While some believe that microwave ovens make food radioactive, others fear that chemicals from the heated dishes may seep into the food. We talked to an oncology expert to see if there is any scientific research on the subject.

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