The festivities have begun in India. Even before we bid adieu to Ganesha, the beloved elephant-headed god of beginnings, artists are burning the midnight oil to welcome goddess Durga for the annual 10-day Dussehra celebrations next month.

This is also the time when creativity meets social conscience. Amidst all the festive fervour, every year, artists explore fascinating themes for community pandals – often triggering vital public conversations.

This year, Sayak Raj, an artist from Bengal, is delving intothe fundamental issue of fake news. Tracing the development of media and journalism from the days of radio to newspapers, television and social media, Sayak wishes to make people think about the ways in which fake news spreads and how it affects society. Now, that’s a pandal I would like to visit!

It is heartening to see how people from all walks of life are (slowly) waking up to the hazards of seemingly innocuous – and often deadly – consumption of misinformation and disinformation. However, there’s a lot more that needs to be done. Especially in healthcare. Because human lives and wellbeing are at stake here.

At Health Analytics Asia, we are building a team of fact-checkers to combat epidemic of fake news. If you are a doctor, researcher, data scientist, healthcare expert, or health journalist, come join us in this mission. Our biggest weapon in this epic battle is data.

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Until we meet again, stay informed, stay healthy.

 Jisha Krishnan
Consulting Editor
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