The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge. Did celebrated physicist Stephen Hawkingactually say those wise words? Or was it librarian Daniel J. Boorstin? Perhaps, the idea was originally articulated centuries ago by Historian Edward Gibbon? The Internet throws up all possibilities…

More so in today’s day and age, when social media rules the roost. Fake news is all around us. At Health Analytics Asia, our mission is to empower the community, at large, to fight this epidemic. We are building a unique collaborative platform for doctors, researchers, journalists, data scientists, and healthcare enthusiasts to come together and work on sustainable solutions.

Come join us for our stimulating Digital Media and Medical Misinformation Summit on November 8, 2019 in Bengaluru. Organised in collaboration with Google News Initiative, the event will have workshops on identifying and debunking medical misinformation, hands-on online verification sessions, knowledge sharing and community building opportunities, debates, discussions, and more.

Globally, stakeholders in the healthcare space are waking up to the enormous public health risk owing to rampant misinformation and disinformation on digital media. Does consuming hot coconut water really cure cancer? How about cow urine? And baking soda? Our cover story this week, on fake news and cancer, digs deep into the alarming reality of the situation.

How long will we rely on unreliable sources of information? Let us become partners in fact checking. Help us spread the word. Here’s the registration link for Health Analytics Asia’s Digital Media and Medical Misinformation Summit in November.

Hope to see you in Bengaluru!

Until we meet again, stay informed, stay healthy.

 Jisha Krishnan
Consulting Editor
Cover Story

Why it’s important to survive fake news about cancer:

Battling fake news about cancer Misleading cancer cures on social media platforms are ensnaring cancer patients at their most vulnerable stage. Here’s looking at the cause and consequences of misinformation and disinformation about cancer.

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Magic pills story for weight loss is fake

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We’ll serve as a collaborative platform for original and data-driven reporting on health in Asian countries as well as strengthen the fight against the growing medical misinformation and fake news epidemic in healthcare.

Are you a doctor, researcher, health writer or blogger who can help us to combat the growing epidemic of fake news in healthcare? Let’s work together! Join us here

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